Optional.  This object represents Enhanced Pass-Through pricing. It is part of the Application object.

Business Rule:   At least one pricing structure (Tiered Credit Card, ConsolidatedBilling, StandardPassThrough, EnhancedPassThrough, InterchangePassThrough, or FlatRate) must be included in the Application object.

Required Fields
Field Description
RF_SPT_Accept Boolean.  Does the Merchant want Standard Pass-Through Pricing?
RF_SPT_Interchange_Markup Decimal.  The Interchange Markup.
RF_SPT_Trans_Fee Decimal.  The Transaction/Authorization Fee.
RF_SPT_Per_Item_Fee Decimal.  The Per Item Fee.
  Required if present on Application.
Example Input Screen
Example Object
  "RF_SPT_Accept": true,
  "RF_SPT_Interchange_Markup": 1.0,
  "RF_SPT_Trans_Fee": .10