Required.  This object represents the Other Fees section of an Application.

  Not all fees are charged by all Sales Offices.

Required Fields
Field Description
RF_Cards Enumeration.  Card Types to be accepted.
RF_Discount Enumeration.  Daily/Monthly Discount.
Required Only If Present On Application
Field Description
RF_Monthly_Fee Decimal.  Monthly Fee.
RF_Annual_PCI_Fee Decimal.  Annual PCI Fee.
RF_AVS_Fee Decimal.  Address Verification Service Fee.
RF_Bankcard_Services_Fee Decimal.  Bankcard Services Fee amount.
RF_Statement_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Statement Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Statement_Fee Decimal.  Statement Fee amount.
RF_Online_Statement_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Online Statement Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Online_Statement_Fee Decimal.  Online Statement Fee amount.
RF_Application_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Application Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Application_Fee Decimal.  Application Fee amount.
RF_Annual_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Annual Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Annual_Fee Decimal.  Annual Fee amount.
RF_Mon_Min_Prod Boolean.  Select Monthly Minimum (Checkbox).
RF_Mon_Min Decimal.  Monthly Minimum amount.
RF_Mon_Maint_Fee Decimal.  Monthly Maintenance Fee amount.
RF_Paper_Online_Reports_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Paper/Online Reports Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Paper_Online_Reports_Fee Decimal.  Paper/Online Reports Fee amount.
RF_Online_Reports_Only_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Online Reports Only Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Online_Reports_Only Decimal.  Online Reports Only Fee amount.
RF_Batch_Fee Decimal.  Batch Fee amount.
RF_Reg_Comp_Fee Decimal. $3.42.  Regulatory Compliance Fee amount.
RF_Voice_Auth_Fee Decimal. $0.95.  Voice Authorization Fee amount.
RF_Return_Draft_Fee Decimal. $30.00.  Return Draft Fee amount.
RF_Non_Bankcard_Trans_Fee Decimal. $0.25.  Non-Bankcard Transaction Fee amount.
RF_DDA_DBA_Change_Fee Decimal. $35.00.  DDA/DBA Change Fee amount.
RF_Chargeback_Fee Decimal. $25.00.  Chargeback Fee amount.
RF_Retrieval_Fee Decimal. $10.00.  Retrieval Fee amount.
RF_Supply_Program_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Supply Program Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Supply_Program_Fee Decimal.  Supply Program Fee amount.
RF_Reprogram_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Terminal Reprogram Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Reprogram_Fee Decimal.  Terminal Reprogram Fee amount.
RF_App_Rush_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Application Rush Fee (Checkbox).
RF_App_Rush_Fee Decimal.  Application Rush Fee amount.
RF_Manual_Imprinter_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Manual Imprinter Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Manual_Imprinter_Fee Decimal.  Manual Imprinter Fee amount.
RF_PinPad_Encrypt_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select PinPad Encryption Fee (Checkbox).
RF_PinPad_Encrypt_Fee Decimal.  PinPad Encryption Fee amount.
RF_Per_Item_Fee Decimal.  Per Item Fee amount.
RF_Surge_Protector_Fee_Prod Decimal.  Select Surge Protector Fee (Checkbox).
RF_Surge_Protector_Fee Decimal.  Surge Protector Fee amount.
RF_Access_Fee Decimal.  Access Fee amount.
RF_BlueDogStore Decimal.  Blue Dog Store Fee amount.
RF_AmEx_Trans_Fee Decimal.  American Express® Transaction Fee amount.
RF_PCI_NonComp_Fee Decimal.  PCI Non-Compliance Fee amount.
RF_Decline_Auth_Fee Decimal.  Declined Authorization Fee amount.
0 NotSet
1 Both
2 CreditBusiness
3 ConsumerSignatureDebit
0 NotSet
1 Daily
2 Monthly
Example Input Screen
Example Object
  "RF_Cards": 2,
  "RF_Discount": 1,
  "RF_Statement_Fee": 15.00,
  "RF_Application_Fee_Prod": true,
  "RF_Application_Fee": 225.00