Optional.  This object represents a Merchant's Trade Suppliers/References. It is part of the Application object.

Optional Fields
Field Description
Trade_Ref1_Name String.  First Reference: Company Name.
Trade_Ref1_Prod String.  First Reference: Product Purchased.
Trade_Ref1_Contact String.  First Reference: Contact Name.
Trade_Ref1_Phone String.  First Reference: Phone Number.
Trade_Ref2_Name String.  Second Reference: Company Name.
Trade_Ref2_Prod String.Second Reference: Product Purchased.
Trade_Ref2_Contact String.  Second Reference: Contact Name.
Trade_Ref2_Phone String.  Second Reference: Phone Number.
Example Input Screen
Example Object
  "Trade_Ref1_Name": "Super Paper Mart",
  "Trade_Ref1_Prod": "Paper",
  "Trade_Ref1_Contact": "Peter",
  "Trade_Ref1_Phone": "123-555-1212"