Required.  The Profile object represents the Merchant's demographical information. It is part of the Application object.

Required Fields
Field Description
Type_Of_Ownership Enumeration.  Merchant's Ownership type (e.g., Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, etc.).
Fed_Tax_ID String. Max Length 10.  The Merchant's Federal Tax Identification Number.
Goods_Sold String. Max Length 200.  A description of the type of goods or services sold by the Merchant.
Years_Owned Integer.  How long has Merchant owned this business?
Avg_Tkt Decimal.  Requested Average Ticket Size.
High_Tkt Decimal.  Requested High Ticket Size.
Bank_Acct String. Max Length 17.  Bank Account Number.
Bank_Routing String. Max Length 9.  Bank Routing Number.
Sale_Pct_Swipe Integer.  Percentage of Sales that is Card Swipe.
Sale_Pct_Imprint Integer.  Percentage of Sales that is Manual with Imprint, Card Present.
Sale_Pct_MOTO Integer.  Percentage of Sales that is Mail/Telephone Order.
Sale_Pct_Internet Integer.  Percentage of Sales that is Internet.
Sale_Pct_Total Integer. Must be 100.  Sales Total.
SICCode String.  Standard Industry Classification Code
Optional Fields
Field Description
Visa_MC_Accept String. Max Length 2. ; Has the Merchant ever accepted Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover®/PayPal™?
Most_Recent_Proc String.  If Merchant has accepted Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover®/PayPal™, name of most recent processor.
Terminated_Merch Boolean.  Has this business or any associated principal been terminated as a Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover®/American Express®/PayPal™ merchant?
Merch_BK Boolean.  Has Merchant or any associated principal identified within filed bankruptcy or been subject to involuntary bankruptcy?
Merch_BK_Date DateTime  Bankruptcy Date.
Num_Loc Integer.  Number of Locations.
Hours_MonFri String.  Hours of Operation Monday–Friday.
Hours_SatSun String.  Hours of Operation Saturday–Sunday.
Mnthly_Vol_Avg Decimal.  Average Monthly Volume.
Mnthly_Vol_High Decimal.  High Monthly Volume.
Annual_Vol Decimal.  Annual Volume.
Bank_Name String.  Name of Bank.
Bank_Contact String.  Name of Bank Contact.
Bank_Phone String.  Bank Phone Number.
Bank_Date_Open DateTime  Date Bank Account Opened.
Merch_Type Enumeration  Merchant Type.
Merch_Type_Serv Boolean.  Does the Merchant provide a Service?
Merch_Type_Season Boolean.  Is Merchant's business Seasonal?
Merch_Type_Season_Start Integer.  In which month does the Merchant's seasonal business start? (MM)
  Required if Merch_Type_Seasonal is True.
Merch_Type_Season_End Integer.  In which month does the Merchant's seasonal business end? (MM)
  Required if Merch_Type_Seasonal is True.
Merch_Type_Rental Boolean.  Does the Merchant provide Rentals?
Merch_Type_B2B Boolean.  Is the Merchant's market Business-to-Business?
Merch_Type_City_Gov Boolean.  Is the Merchant a City or Government?
0 NotSet
1 Retail
2 Restaurant
3 Internet
0 NotSet
1 SoleProprietor
2 Partnership
3 PAorPC
4 Corporation
Example Input Screen
Example Profile Object
    "Profile": {
    "Type_Of_Ownership": 4,
    "Fed_Tax_ID": "1234567890",
    "Goods_Sold": "carrots",
    "Goods_Sold_Pct": 100,
    "Visa_MC_Accept": false,
    "Most_Recent_Proc": null,
    "Terminated_Merch": false,
    "Merch_BK": false,
    "Merch_BK_Date": null,
    "Years_Owned": 10,
    "Num_Loc": 1,
    "Hours_MonFri": null,
    "Hours_SatSun": null,
    "Avg_Tkt": 10000,
    "High_Tkt": 10000,
    "Mnthly_Vol_Avg": 10000,
    "Mnthly_Vol_High": 100000,
    "Annual_Vol": 100000,
    "Bank_Name": "Suntrust",
    "Bank_Contact": "Bugs",
    "Bank_Phone": "123-456-7890",
    "Bank_Acct": "11111111",
    "Bank_Routing": "111111",
    "Bank_Date_Open": "01\/01\/01",
    "Sale_Pct_Swipe": 0,
    "Sale_Pct_Imprint": 0,
    "Sale_Pct_MOTO": 100,
    "Sale_Pct_Internet": 0,
    "Sale_Pct_Total": 100,
    "Merch_Type": 4,
    "Merch_Type_Season": false,
    "Merch_Type_Season_Start": null,
    "Merch_Type_Season_End": null