Optional.  This object represents the Internet/Mobile Addendum. It is part of the Application object.

  Required if Merchant is 100% Internet or >20% MOTO.

Required Fields
Field Description
IMA_Product String.  Description of Product Sold
IMA_Advertise String.  How does Merchant advertise products sold?
IMA_Deposit Boolean.  Does the Merchant require a deposit from the card holder?
IMA_Deposit_Pct Integer.  If a deposit is required, what percentage?
IMA_Refund String.  What is the Merchant's refund policy?
IMA_Later Boolean.  Does the Merchant sell/provide goods, services, or subscriptions that will not be rendered at the time of sale but rather at a later date?
IMA_Later_Text String.  If goods, services, or subscriptions are rendered at a later date, how long before product is shipped or services are rendered?
IMA_Bill Boolean.  Does the Merchant bill the credit card before the product is shipped or services are rendered?
IMA_Bill_Later String.  If billed before shipped or rendered, how long before?
IMA_Carrier String.  Carrier that will deliver product.
IMA_Carrier_NA Boolean.  Carrier is Not Applicable.
IMA_Inventory Enumeration.  Location of Inventory.
IMA_Vendor String.  If product shipped from Vendor, Name of Fulfillment House.
IMA_Vendor_City String.  Vendor's City.
IMA_Vendor_State String.  Vendor's State
IMA_Signature Boolean.  Will you authorize the carrier to deliver shipment without obtaining a signature?
IIMA_ForeignSalesPct Integer.  Foreign sales will account for what percentage of Merchant's monthly bankcard volume?
IMA_Exposure Boolean.  Has Merchant implemented any processes to limit exposure against cardholder disputes/Fraudulent Credit Card transactions?
0 NotSet
1 Merchant Housed by Merchant
2 Vendor Shipped from Vendor
3 NA Not Applicable
Example Input Screen
Example Object
"InternetMobileAddendum": {
    "IMA_Product": "carrots",
    "IMA_Refund": "all sales are final",
    "IMA_Later": true,
    "IMA_Later_Text": false,
    "IMA_Bill": true,
    "IMA_Bill_Text": false,
    "IMA_Carrier": "acme",
    "IMA_Carrier_NA": false,
    "IMA_Inventory": 1,
    "IMA_Signature": false,
    "IMA_ForeignSalesPct": 0,
    "IMA_Exposure": false,
    "IMA_Advertise": "n\/a",
    "IMA_Deposit": false,
    "IMA_Deposit_Pct": 0,
    "IMA_Vendor": null,
    "IMA_Vendor_City": null,
    "IMA_Vendor_State": null