The Overall Process

Before You Get Started

The very first thing to do is get an Application ID, User ID, and Password from the API Support Team. You'll need these for getting your authentication token. You should also find out which Office Number and Representative Number will be used for submitting Applications.

Another thing you'll need to know is the information about the Equipment that will be associated with each Application (TerminalID, SoftwareID, etc.). You can get this information by making an API call to get a list of Available Equipment and finding your Terminal/Software in the list. (Warning—it could be a big list!).

The Application

Gather information from the Merchant via your input form. Be sure to include the minimum required fields— some will be gathered from the Merchant and some can be hard-coded "behind the scenes". Be sure to confirm the Banking Information. Also, if the Merchant is 100% Internet or >20% MOTO, the Internet/MOTO Addendum must be included as part of the Application.

You need to get an Authentication Token to include in the header of your requests to the API.

Submit the Application to the API. If you get back any validation errors, fix the issues and re-submit the application. If there weren't any errors, you'll get back a 201 (Resource Created) HTTP Response Code. An Application object will be in the content of the Response.

Identity Verification

Now, before you get the Merchant's Approval Decision, we need to verify that they are who they say they are. We use a credit bureau's identity service to do this.

NOTE: During testing, you will need to use the credit bureau QA Users as Merchant Owners so that you can interact with the the credit bureau QA service. You can get them from the API Support Team.

Make a request for the Merchant's Identity Questions. You may get back an Identity Error . If you don't, display the Questions to the Merchant and gather their answers.

Submit the Identity Answers to the API. You may get back an Identity Error. If you don't, it's time to get the Acceptance Language.

Merchant Decision

Make a call to get the Acceptance Language that should be shown on the page where the Merchant is going to Accept or Decline the Merchant Agreement. You should display Rates and Fees to the Merchant on this page if you have not already done so elsewhere. You also might want to give the Merchant the opportunity to print and/or save an unsigned PDF of the Application on this page.

Post the Merchant Decision. You should receive a HTTP 201 (Resource Created) Response message.

Show the Merchant that their Application and Agreement has been submitted. Give the Merchant the opportunity to print and/or save a signed PDF of the Application.