Getting Acceptance Language

When it comes time to get the Merchant's acceptance of the agreement, there is specific language that has to be displayed.

Not all the language that you get back in the response needs to be shown to the Merchant. For example, there is language about the Payment Receipt and the Seasonal Addendum. If either of these are not part of your Application, then the corresponding acceptance language does not need to be shown.

Example Request


Example Response


  "Accept_TermsAndConditions_Prod": false,
  "Accept_TermsAndConditions": "<p><b>Acknowledgements<\/b><\/p> <p>By clicking ACCEPT, MERCHANT and each Guarantor acknowledges to have reviewed, read, and agreed to be bound 
  by the Merchant Application & Agreement and the Merchant Processing Terms & Conditions, including the specific sections outlined below. By Accepting, MERCHANT further acknowledges that acceptance 
  is electronic and no verbal agreements or representations have been made. MERCHANT and each Guarantor have relied solely on the Merchant Application & Agreement and the Merchant Processing Terms & 
  Conditions and all documents are available for print by MERCHANT.<\/p> <ul> <li>DEBIT\/CREDIT AUTHORIZATION. MERCHANT authorizes Fifth Third Bank, and First American Payment Systems, L.P. 
  ("Bank") to initiate Automated Clearing House (\u201cACH\u201d) debit\/credit entries to any bank account for all fees, costs, and amounts due to Bank or payable to MERCHANT pursuant to the 
  Merchant Application & Agreement and ACH rules and regulations as set forth in the Acknowledgements page of the Merchant Application & Agreement. Click here to view and print the DEBIT\/CREDIT 
  AUTHORIZATION Form.<\/li> <li>TERMS & CONDITIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. MERCHANT and each Guarantor acknowledges to have received, read, and agreed to be bound by the Merchant Application &
  Agreement and the Merchant Processing Terms & Conditions as part of an application for Merchant Processing and related services. Click here to view and print the TERMS & CONDITIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 
  Form.<\/li> <li>RESOLUTION. MERCHANT personally warrants and represents that they have the authority to execute the Merchant Application & Agreement and the Merchant Processing Terms & 
  Conditions on behalf of the herewithin named entity and bind the entity to the Merchant Processing Terms & Conditions.<\/li> <\/ul>",
  "Accept_PaymentReceipt_Prod": false,
  "Accept_PaymentReceipt": "<p><b>Payment Receipt<\/b><\/p> <p>If payment type above is ACH I, THE UNDERSIGNED, hereby authorize BANK or its designee to automatically withdraw 
  all amounts owed in conjunction with the above Payment Receipt by initiating ACH debit entries from merchant bank account. The authority is to remain in full force and effect until all obligations of 
  MERCHANT have been performed and paid in full or BANK or its designee has received written notification from MERCHANT of its termination in such a manner as to afford BANK or its designee reasonable 
  opportunity to act on it. Any ACH's that are not honored by my financial institution for any reason will be subject to a $30.00 return check fee, which may be deducted from my account. I further 
  authorize my financial institution to accept and to charge any debit entries initiated by BANK or its designees to my account.<\/p> <p>BANK makes no warranties, expressed or implied, for 
  any negligent design or manufacture of any equipment or software provided by BANK. MERCHANT also understands that BANK does not represent the manufacturer of such equipment and merchant will not make 
  any claims against BANK for damages, whether consequential, direct, special or indirect relating to the equipment. BANK shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions that occur in the building 
  of VAR software by the MERCHANT'S VAR provider. MERCHANT hereby releases, indemnifies and holds BANK harmless for any losses, claims, costs or damages to MERCHANT or any third party as a result of 
  errors, omissions, technical failures, equipment re-programming failures and problems, or unlawful actions by the MERCHANT or MERCHANT'S employees and in no event shall BANK's cumulative 
  liability exceed the amount of fees paid by MERCHANT for the account set up or transaction in question. Returned checks are subject to a $30 fee and, by signing below, check writer agrees that the face 
  amount of check and returned check fees will be electronically debited from the check writer's bank account. MERCHANT shall be liable for and shall indemnify and reimburse BANK for any and all 
  attorneys' fees and other costs and expenses paid or incurred by BANK in the enforcement hereof, including but not limited to, collecting any amounts or obligations due from MERCHANT. MERCHANT 
  agrees that all Enrollment Fees are non-refundable, regardless if application(s) is declined or withdrawn by any party. Any returned equipment will be subject to a Restocking Fee of no less than $50.<\/p>",
  "Accept_IndividualGuaranty_Prod": false,
  "Accept_IndividualGuaranty": "<p><b>Individual Guaranty<\/b><\/p> <p>The undersigned jointly and severally (if more than one) unconditionally guarantee to Fifth Third Bank, 
  an Ohio banking corporation, Member FDIC, First American Payment Systems, L.P., and their successors and assigns ("First American") the full and prompt payment when due and performance of all 
  the obligations of every kind of MERCHANT arising directly or indirectly out of the Merchant Application & Agreement, Merchant Processing Terms & Conditions and all amendments or extensions 
  thereto (collectively, the \u201cAgreement\u201d) or any document or agreement executed and delivered by MERCHANT in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. This is a continuing guarantee and shall 
  not be discharged or affected by each of the undersigned, shall bind the estate, heirs, administrators, representatives, successors and assigns, and may be enforced by or for the benefit of any 
  assignees or successor of First American. Each of the undersigned hereby consents and agrees that First American may at any time, and from time to time, without notice to or further consent from 
  any Guarantor, either with or without consideration, surrender any property or other security of any kind or nature whatsoever held by it or by any person, firm or corporation on its behalf or for 
  its account, securing the liability of MERCHANT hereby guaranteed; substitute for any collateral so held by it other collateral of like kind, or of any kind; grant releases, compromises and 
  indulgences with respect to the liability of MERCHANT hereby guaranteed and to any persons or entities now or hereafter liable therefore or hereunder; release any Guarantor of MERCHANT; or take or 
  fail to take any action of any type whatsoever, and no such action which First American shall take or fail to take in connection with the Agreement or for the performance of any obligations or 
  undertakings of MERCHANT, nor any course of dealing with MERCHANT or any other person, shall release any Guarantor\u2019s obligations hereunder, affect this Guaranty in any way or afford any 
  Guarantor any recourse against First American.<\/p> <p>The undersigned agrees, consents and submits to the Courts of the State of Texas, County of Tarrant, and agrees that such courts 
  shall have exclusive jurisdiction and shall be the proper venue for the determination of all controversies and disputes arising hereunder. The undersigned agrees to pay all attorney fees and other 
  expenses incurred by First American. By signing below, each Guarantor hereby agrees: (i) to have read and accepted all terms and conditions of this agreement contained herein, and (ii) that he\/she 
  will benefit from the services and financial accommodations provided to MERCHANT\u2019s business.<\/p> <p>First American may proceed against any Guarantor with or without joining or first 
  proceeding against MERCHANT or any other persons. The undersigned further unconditionally authorize(s) First American or its agents to investigate the information and references contained herein, and 
  to obtain additional information about Guarantor(s) from credit bureaus and other lawful sources, including persons and companies named in the Agreement.<\/p>",
  "Accept_SeasonalAddendum_Prod": false,
  "Accept_SeasonalAddendum": "<p><b>Seasonal Addendum<\/b><\/p> <p>Merchant acknowledges that processing services (including all transactions relating to credit cards, 
  debit cards and\/or check guarantee services) for this \u201cseasonal\u201d merchant account will automatically be activated on Start Date and automatically deactivated on End Date of each calendar 
  year. During the time in which the merchant is \u201cactive,\u201d all fees disclosed in the Merchant Agreement will be billed. During the time in which the merchant is \u201cinactive,\u201d the 
  monthly processing fees will be waived. The processing equipment will be activated or deactivated to correspond with Merchant\u2019s active\/inactive dates.<\/p> <p>Merchants with wireless 
  terminals: Since the terminal(s) will not be in use while the processing status is \u201cinactive,\u201d Merchant will need to request that their wireless service be deactivated. It is Merchant\u2019s sole responsibility to notify First American Payment Systems in writing to have their wireless service deactivated. If First American does not receive a written request to deactivate Merchant\u2019s wireless service during the inactive period, Merchant\u2019s wireless service will remain active and Merchant will continue to be billed the monthly wireless fee. Likewise, it is Merchant\u2019s responsibility to notify First American when they need their wireless service reactivated on the active date, at which point they will incur a reactivation fee for each wireless terminal. If First American does not receive a written request to reactivate Merchant\u2019s wireless terminal, the wireless terminal will remain inactive until such written request is received. Wireless terminals require 3-5 business days to activate and 2-3 business days to deactivate.<\/p>",
  "Accept_Button": "By clicking the accept button below, you acknowledge that you have received, read, and agree to be bound by, and are attaching your electronic signature to the Acknowledgements, 
  Payment Receipt, and Individual Guaranty. By clicking the accept button below, you acknowledge that no verbal agreements or representations have been made to you, and that you have relied and are 
  relying solely on the terms stated in the Acknowledgements, Payment Receipt, and Individual Guaranty."