Required.  This object represents the Equipment Setup/Order form. It is part of the Application object.

Required Fields
Field Description
ESF_SiToTrain Boolean.  Does the Sales Office want System Implementation to handle the Merchant Account Installation?
ESF_ShipTo Enumeration.  The Location to which the Equipment should be shipped.
ESF_ShippingMethod Enumeration.  The Shipping Method for the Equipment.
ESP_TerminalApplication Enumeration.  How should the Terminal Application/Software be set up?
AssignedTerminals List<AssignedTerminal>.  List of Terminals assigned to the Application.
Optional Fields
Field Description
ESF_AlternateAddress String.  The Alternate Shipping Address for the Equipment.
Required if ESF_ShipTo is "Alternate".
ESF_AlternateCity String.  The Alternate Shipping City for the Equipment.
Required if ESF_ShipTo is "Alternate".
ESF_AlternateState String.  The Alternate Shipping State for the Equipment.
Required if ESF_ShipTo is "Alternate".
ESF_AlternateZip String.  The Alternate Shipping Zip for the Equipment.
Required if ESF_ShipTo is "Alternate".
ESF_AlternateAttn String.  The Alternate Shipping Attention Of: for the Equipment.
Required if ESF_ShipTo is "Alternate".
ESF_AlternatePhone String.  The Alternate Shipping Phone for the Equipment.
Required if ESF_ShipTo is "Alternate".
ESF_ReversePIP Boolean.  Does the Merchant want Reverse PIP (American Express® "split-settle") enabled on the Terminal?
ESF_StoreForward Boolean.  Does the Merchant want Store and Forward (Batch Authorization) enabled on the Terminal?
ESF_TimedUpload Boolean.  Does the Merchant want Timed Upload enabled on the Terminal?
ESF_TimedUploadText String.  What time should the Timed Upload occur?
  Required if ESF_TimedUpload is True.
ESF_Prompts Boolean.  Does the Merchant want Clerk/Server Prompts enabled on the Terminal?
ESF_Last4 Boolean.  Does the Merchant want to remove the Last 4 Digits Prompt enabled on the Terminal?
ESF_OtherFeature Boolean.  Does the Merchant want another feature enabled on the Terminal?
ESF_OtherFeatureText String.  Description of the other feature the Merchant wants enabled on the Terminal.
  Required if ESF_OtherFeature is True.
ESF_MultiMerchant Boolean.  Does the Merchant want the Multi-Merchant feature enabled on the Terminal?
ESF_MultiMerchantText String.  List the DBAs or MIDs in order.
  Required if ESF_MultiMerchant is True.
ESF_HighSpeedConnection Boolean.  Will the Merchant be using a high-speed line with this Terminal?
ESF_HighSpeedEmail String.  Defaults to Corporate Email Address.
  Required if ESF_HighSpeedConnection is True.
ESF_OrderComments String.  Comments related to the Equipment Order.
Leases List<Lease>.  List of Leases associated with the Application.
LeasePayOffOption LeasePayOffOption.  Lease Pay-off Option.
0 NotSet
1 Overnight
2 SecondDay
3 Ground
4 Express
0 NotSet
1 MerchantDBAAddress
2 SalesOffice
3 AlternateAddress
0 NotSet
1 Retail
2 RetailWithTips
3 RestaurantWithTips
4 Lodge
Example Input Screen
Example Object
"EquipmentSetupForm": {
  "ESF_SiToTrain": false,
  "ESF_ShipTo": 1,
  "ESF_AlternateAddress": null,
  "ESF_AlternateCity": null,
  "ESF_AlternateState": null,
  "ESF_AlternateZip": null,
  "ESF_AlternateAttn": null,
  "ESF_AlternatePhone": null,
  "ESF_ShippingMethod": 0,
  "ESF_TerminalApplication": 1,
  "ESF_ReversePIP": null,
  "ESF_StoreForward": null,
  "ESF_TimedUpload": false,
  "ESF_TimedUpload_Text": null,
  "ESF_Prompts": null,
  "ESF_Last4": null,
  "ESF_OtherFeature": false,
  "ESF_OtherFeature_Text": null,
  "ESF_MultiMerchant": false,
  "ESF_MultiMerchantText": null,
  "ESF_HighSpeedConnection": false,
  "ESF_HighSpeedEmail": null,
  "ESF_OrderComments": null,
  "AssignedTerminals": [
    "ApplicationID": 25327,
    "AssignedTerminalID": 10508,
    "AvailableTerminalID": 129,
    "DisplayName": "PC Software\/Gateway",
    "IsNew": false,
    "IsRefurb": true,
    "IsPurchase": false,
    "IsReprogram": true,
    "PaymentMethod": {
        "PaymentMethodID": null,
        "Name": null
    "Price": 0,
    "AssignedSoftware": {
      "AssignedTerminalID": 10508,
      "AssignedSoftwareID": 700,
      "AvailableSoftwareID": null,
      "Description": "Retail\/Restaurant",
      "Version": null