Optional.  This object represents the Terminal (and associated Peripherals and Software) assigned to an EquipmentSetupForm.

Business Rule: At least one Terminal must be assigned to an EquipmentSetupForm..

Required Fields
Field Description
ApplicationID Integer.  Application to which the Terminal is assigned.
AssignedTerminalID Integer.  Unique identifier for a Terminal once it is assigned.
Set to zero (0) when initially assigning a Terminal.
AvailableTerminalID Integer.  Unique identifier of the Terminal that is to become the Assigned Terminal.
IsPurchase Boolean.  Is the Merchant purchasing this Terminal?
IsReprogram Boolean.  Is this Terminal being reprogrammed?
IsNew Boolean.  Is this Terminal new?
IsRefurb Boolean.  Is this Terminal refurbished?
PaymentMethod PaymentMethod.  Represents the Payment Method used to purchase this Terminal.
Required if IsPurchase is True.
Price Decimal. Can be zero (0).  The Lease/Purchase price.
AssignedSoftware AssignedSoftware.  The Software assigned to this Terminal.
Optional Fields
Field Description
DisplayName String.  The name of the Assigned Terminal. (For display purposes.)
AssignedPeripherals List<AssignedPeripheral>.  A list of Peripherals assigned to this Terminal.
Example Input Screen
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