Required.  The Application object consists of some required fields and required and optional child objects.

Required Fields/Objects
Field/Object Description
OfficeNo Field.  A unique identifier for a Sales Office.
RepNo Field.  A unique identifier for a Sales Representative.
BusinessNames BusinessNames.  Demographic information about the Merchant.
Profile Profile.  Additional demographic information about the Merchant.
OwnerOfficer OwnerOfficer.  Merchant's Owners and Officers.
OtherFees OtherFees.  Additional fees to be charged to the Merchant.
EquipmentSetupForm EquipmentSetupForm.  The equipment to be used by the Merchant.
InternetMobileAddendum InternetMobileAddendum.  Additional information needed from an Internet or MOTO Merchant.
  Required if Merchant is 100% Internet or >20% MOTO.
Must Include One of the Following Pricing Strategies:
Note: Some Pricing Strategies are not offered by all Sales Offices.
Field/Object Description
CreditCard CreditCard.  Credit Card Pricing Strategy.
EnhancedPassThrough EnhancedPassThrough.  Enhanced Pass-Through Pricing Strategy.
StandardPassThrough StandardPassThrough.  Standard Pass-Through Pricing Strategy.
InterchangePassThrough InterchangePassThrough.  Contains information about the Interchange Pass-Through Pricing Strategy.
ConsolidatedBilling ConsolidatedBilling.  Consolidated Billing Pricing Strategy.
FlatRate FlatRate.  Flat Rate Pricing Strategy.
Must Include One of the Following American Express Opt Blue Pricing Strategies:
Note: Some American Express Opt Blue Pricing Strategies are not offered by all Sales Offices.
Field/Object Description
AmericanExpressCreditCard AmericanExpressCreditCard.  American Express Opt Blue Credit Card Pricing Strategy.
AmericanExpressEnhancedPassThrough AmericanExpressEnhancedPassThrough.  American Express Opt Blue Enhanced Pass-Through Pricing Strategy.
AmericanExpressStandardPassThrough AmericanExpressStandardPassThrough.  American Express Opt Blue Standard Pass-Through Pricing Strategy.
AmericanExpressInterchangePassThrough AmericanExpressInterchangePassThrough.  American Express Opt Blue Interchange Pass-Through Pricing Strategy.
AmericanExpressConsolidatedBilling AmericanExpressConsolidatedBilling.  American Express Opt Blue Consolidated Billing Pricing Strategy.
AmericanExpressFlatRate AmericanExpressFlatRate.  American Express Opt Blue Flat Rate Pricing Strategy.
Optional Fields/Objects
Field/Object Description
SiteSurvey SiteSurvey.  Site Survey Information.
TradeReferences TradeReferences.  Trade References.
CheckCard CheckCard.  Check Card processing fees.
RegulatedCheckCard RegulatedCheckCard.  Regulated Check Card processing fees.
NextDayFunding NextDayFunding.  Next Day Funding.
WirelessFees WirelessFees.  Wireless Fees.
AccountUpdater AccountUpdater.  MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater Service.
BenefitsPackage BenefitsPackage.  Benefits Package
DebitEBT DebitEBT.  Debit and EBT Card processing fees.
AmericanExpress AmericanExpress.  American Express® card processing fees.
SecurChex SecurChex.  SecurChex Check Processing fees.
FirstPay FirstPay.  FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 Internet Services fees.
FirstPayLoyalty FirstPayLoyalty.  FirstPay.Net™ Loyalty program fees.
FirstAdvantage FirstAdvantage.  FirstAdvantage® Gift Card program fees.
RegPoint RegPoint.  RegPoint service.
FirstView FirstView.  FirstView reporting service.
NetworkMerchants NetworkMerchants.  Network Merchants services.
BillingOrchard BillingOrchard.  Billing Orchard services.
FirstFund FirstFund.  FirstFund services.
ECheck ECheck.  ECheck services.
PaymentReceipt PaymentReceipt.  Payment Receipt for equipment.
MerchantSetupFees MerchantSetupFees.  Merchant Setup Fees as part of Payment Receipt.
Example Application Object
  "ApplicationID": 0,
  "OfficeNo": "999999",
  "RepNo": 999999,
  "BusinessNames": {
    "Legal_Name": "acme gallery",
    "Billing_Address": "500 Main St",
    "Billing_City": "Atlanta",
    "Billing_State": "AL",
    "Billing_Zip": "30318",
    "Corp_Phone": "404-555-1212",
    "Corp_Fax": null,
    "Corp_Email": null,
    "Website_Address": "http:\/\/",
    "DBA_Name": "acme gallery",
    "Physical_Address": "500 Main St",
    "Physical_City": "Atlanta",
    "Physical_State": "AL",
    "Physical_Zip": "30318",
    "DBA_Phone": "404-555-1212",
    "DBA_Contact": "Elmer",
    "DBA_Email": null,
    "Mailto": 0,
    "Mail_Monthly_Stmnt": false
  "Profile": {
    "Type_Of_Ownership": 0,
    "Fed_Tax_ID": "1234567890",
    "Goods_Sold": "art",
    "Goods_Sold_Pct": 100,
    "Visa_MC_Accept": false,
    "Most_Recent_Proc": null,
    "Terminated_Merch": false,
    "Merch_BK": false,
    "Merch_BK_Date": null,
    "Years_Owned": 10,
    "Num_Loc": 1,
    "Hours_MonFri": null,
    "Hours_SatSun": null,
    "Avg_Tkt": 10000,
    "High_Tkt": 10000,
    "Mnthly_Vol_Avg": 10000,
    "Mnthly_Vol_High": 100000,
    "Annual_Vol": 100000,
    "Bank_Name": "Suntrust",
    "Bank_Contact": "Bugs",
    "Bank_Phone": "123-456-7890",
    "Bank_Acct": "11111111",
    "Bank_Routing": "111111",
    "Bank_Date_Open": "2001-01-01T00:00:00",
    "Sale_Pct_Swipe": 0,
    "Sale_Pct_Imprint": 0,
    "Sale_Pct_MOTO": 100,
    "Sale_Pct_Internet": 0,
    "Sale_Pct_Total": 100,
    "Merch_Type": 4,
    "Merch_Type_Serv": null,
    "Merch_Type_Season": false,
    "Merch_Type_Rental": null,
    "Merch_Type_B2B": null,
    "Merch_Type_City_Gov": null,
    "Merch_Type_Season_Start": null,
    "Merch_Type_Season_End": null
  "OwnerOfficer": {
    "Ownr1_Legal_Name_First": "Elmer",
    "Ownr1_Legal_Name_Last": "Fudd",
    "Ownr1_Title": "President",
    "Ownr1_DOB": "1983-08-06T00:00:00",
    "Ownr1_SSN": "252555047",
    "Ownr1_Phone": "404-555-1212",
    "Ownr1_Address": "1234 Parkway Rd",
    "Ownr1_City": "Atlanta",
    "Ownr1_State": "AL",
    "Ownr1_ZIP": "30327",
    "Ownr1_Percent": 100,
    "Ownr1_Email": "",
    "IsSecondOwner": false
  "SiteSurvey": {
    "Merch_Loc": 1,
    "Merch_Loc_Text": null,
    "MerchOwnLease": 2,
    "Merch_Loc_Ownr_Info": null,
    "Merch_Referred_By": null,
    "Inspect_Cmnts": null,
    "Inspect_Name": null,
    "Inspect_Office": "205764",
    "Inspect_Rep": 648115,
    "Inspect_Date": null,
    "Inspect_Rep_Sign": null,
    "Inspect_Rep_Mgr": null
  "ConsolidatedBilling": {
    "RF_ConsolidatedBilling_Accept": true,
    "RF_CB_Qualified_Discount_Rate": 0,
    "RF_CB_Trans_Fee": 0,
    "RF_CB_Mon_Fee": 0
  "AmericanExpress": {
    "Amex_Accept": true,
    "Amex_Prev_Acct": false,
    "Amex_Exst_Acct": null,
    "Amex_Disc_Rate_Prod": true,
    "Amex_Disc_Rate": 3.25,
    "Amex_Flat_Fee_Prod": true,
    "Amex_Flat_Fee": 3.25,
    "Amex_Retail_Prod": false,
    "Amex_Retail_Trans_Fee": null,
    "Amex_Retail_CNP_Downgrade": null,
    "Amex_Quick_Prod": false,
    "Amex_Quick_Trans_Fee": null,
    "Amex_Services_Prod": false,
    "Amex_Services_Trans_Fee": null,
    "Amex_Gross": 2,
    "Amex_Est_Vol": null,
    "Amex_Avg_Tkt": null,
    "Amex_Pay_Freq": 0
  "EquipmentSetupForm": {
    "ESF_SiToTrain": false,
    "ESF_ShipTo": 1,
    "ESF_AlternateAddress": null,
    "ESF_AlternateCity": null,
    "ESF_AlternateState": null,
    "ESF_AlternateZip": null,
    "ESF_AlternateAttn": null,
    "ESF_AlternatePhone": null,
    "ESF_ShippingMethod": 0,
    "ESF_TerminalApplication": 1,
    "ESF_ReversePIP": null,
    "ESF_StoreForward": null,
    "ESF_TimedUpload": false,
    "ESF_TimedUpload_Text": null,
    "ESF_Prompts": null,
    "ESF_Last4": null,
    "ESF_OtherFeature": false,
    "ESF_OtherFeature_Text": null,
    "ESF_MultiMerchant": false,
    "ESF_MultiMerchantText": null,
    "ESF_HighSpeedConnection": false,
    "ESF_HighSpeedEmail": null,
    "ESF_OrderComments": null,
    "AssignedTerminals": [
        "ApplicationID": 25327,
        "AssignedTerminalID": 10508,
        "AvailableTerminalID": 129,
        "DisplayName": "PC Software\/Gateway",
        "IsNew": false,
        "IsRefurb": true,
        "IsPurchase": false,
        "IsReprogram": true,
        "PaymentMethod": {
          "PaymentMethodID": null,
          "Name": null
        "Price": 0,
        "AssignedPeripherals": [

        "AssignedSoftware": {
          "AssignedTerminalID": 10508,
          "AssignedSoftwareID": 700,
          "AvailableSoftwareID": null,
          "Description": "Retail\/Restaurant",
          "Version": null
  "InternetMobileAddendum": {
    "IMA_Product": "art",
    "IMA_Refund": "all sales are final",
    "IMA_Later": true,
    "IMA_Later_Text": "False",
    "IMA_Bill": true,
    "IMA_Bill_Text": "False",
    "IMA_Carrier": "acme",
    "IMA_Carrier_NA": false,
    "IMA_Inventory": 1,
    "IMA_Signature": false,
    "IMA_ForeignSalesPct": 0,
    "IMA_Exposure": false,
    "IMA_Advertise": "n\/a",
    "IMA_Deposit": false,
    "IMA_Deposit_Pct": 0,
    "IMA_Vendor": null,
    "IMA_Vendor_City": null,
    "IMA_Vendor_State": null