Optional.  This object represents Secur-Chex® Services. It is an optional part of the Application object.

Required Fields
Field Description
SC_Accept Boolean.  Does the Merchant want Secur-Chex® Services?
SC_Mon_Stmnt_Fee Decimal.  Monthly Statement Fee.
  Required if present on Application.
SC_Mon_Maint_Fee Decimal.  Monthly Maintenance Fee.
  Required if present on Application.
SC_Mon_Min Decimal.  Monthly Minimum.
SC_V_Auth_Fee Decimal.  Voice Authorization Fee.
Optional Fields
Field Description
SC_Tot_Ck_Mon_Num Integer.  Total Number of Checks Per Month.
SC_Total_Ck_Mon_Amt Decimal.  Total Amount of Checks Per Month.
SC_Avg_Ck_Amt Decimal.  Average Check Amount.
SC_Req_Hi_Ck Decimal.  Required High Check/Maximum Guarantee Amount.
SC_Avg_Rtn_Pct Decimal.  Average Return Rate.
SC_CC_Process Enumeration.  Credit Card Processing Location.
SecurChexGuarantee SecurChexGuarantee.  Secur-Chex® Services Guarantee.
SecurChexALaCarte SecurChexALaCarte.  Secur-Chex® Services A La Carte: Custom Features for Check Guarantee (Conversion and Paper-Based).
SecurChexNoGuarantee SecurChexNoGuarantee.  Secur-Chex® Services No Guarantee.
0 NotSet
1 SalesOffice
2 Elsewhere
3 None
Example Input Screen
Example Object
  "SC_Accept": true,
  "SC_Mon_Stmnt_Fee": 5.00,
  "SC_Mon_Min": 25.00,
  "SC_V_Auth_Fee": 0.95,
  "SC_Tot_Ck_Mon_Num": 25,
  "SC_Avg_Ck_Amt": 50.00,
  "SC_Req_Hi_Ck": 1500.00,
  "SC_Tot_Ck_Mon_Amt": 2500.00,
  "SC_Avg_Rtn_Pct": 0.5,
  "SC_CC_Process": 1,
    "SC_Guar_Conv_Prod": true,
    "SC_Guar_Conv_Trans": 0.20,
    "SC_Guar_Conv_Rate": 1.50,
    "SC_Guar_Conv_Min": 0.50