Optional.  This object presents the RegPoint Solutions (CamperReg/EventReg/ClubReg) product. It is an optional part of the Application object.

Required Fields
Field Description
RS_Accept Boolean.  Does the Merchant want RegPoint Solutions?
Optional Fields
Field Description
RS_Est_Ann_Reg_Quan Integer.  Estimated Number of Annual Registrations.
RS_Guar_Ann_Reg_Quan Integer.  Number of Guaranteed Annual Registrations.
RS_Per_Reg_Fee_Quan Integer.  Number of Registration Fees.
RS_Per_Reg_Fee_Rate Decimal.  Registration Fee amount.
RS_Prem_Web_Pkg_Quan Integer.  Number of Premium Website Packages.
RS_Prem_Web_Pkg_Rate Decimal.  Premium Website Package Rate.
RS_Basic_Reg_Pkg_Quan Integer.  Number of Basic Registration Packages.
RS_Basic_Reg_Pkg_Rate Integer.  Basic Registration Package Rate.
RS_Data_Mig_Quan Integer.  Number of Data Migrations.
RS_Data_Mig_Rate Decimal.  Data Migration Rate.
RS_Web_Mig_Quan Integer.  Number of Web Migrations.
RS_Web_Mig_Rate Decimal.  Web Migration Rate.
RS_Hosting_Quan Integer.  Number of Hosting accounts.
RS_Hosting_Rate Decimal.  Hosting Rate (per month).
RS_Email_Quan Integer.  Number of Email Accounts.
RS_Email_Rate Decimal.  Email Account Rate (per year).
RS_URL_Renew_Quan Integer.  Number of Annual System URL Renewals.
RS_URL_Renew_Rate Decimal.  Annual System URL Renewal Rate.
Example Input Screen
Example Object
  "RS_Accept": true,
  "RS_Est_Ann_Reg_Quan": 500,
  "RS_Guar_Ann_Reg_Quan": 300,
  "RS_Per_Reg_Fee_Quan": 300,
  "RS_Per_Reg_Fee_Rate": 25.00,
  "RS_Basic_Reg_Pkg_Quan": 1,
  "RS_Basic_Reg_Pkg_Rate": 250.00