Optional.  This object represents FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 Internet Services. It is an optional part of the Application object.

Required Fields
Field Description
FP_Accept Boolean.  Does the Merchant want FirstPay™ 2.0 Internet Services?
Optional Fields
  At least one product must be included.
Field Description
FirstPayAuthNet FirstPayAuthNet.  FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 Authorize.Net product.
FirstPayBatchUpload FirstPayBatchUpload.  FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 Batch Upload Add-On.
FirstPayCustomerInformationManager FirstPayCustomerInformationManager.  FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 Customer Information Manager Add-On.
FirstPayInternetPaymentGateway FirstPayInternetPaymentGateway.  FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 Internet Payment Gateway product.
FirstPayIStore FirstPayIStore.  FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 I-Store product.
FirstPayLoyalty FirstPayLoyalty.  FirstPay.Net™ Loyalty program. It is only available for 1stPayPOS terminals.
FirstPayMOTOVirtualTerminal FirstPayMOTOVirtualTerminal.  FirstPay.Net™ MOTO Virtual Terminal product.
FirstPayMPlusTerminal FirstPayMPlusTerminal.  FirstPay.Net™ m+ Terminal product.
FirstPayPaymentPluginPhoneSupport FirstPayPaymentPluginPhoneSupport.  Phone Support for the FirstPay.Net™ Payment Plug-In for QuickBooks® product.
FirstPayPaymentPluginQuickBooks FirstPayPaymentPluginQuickBooks.  FirstPay.Net™ Payment Plug-In for QuickBooks® product.
FirstPayPOS FirstPayPOS.  FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 1stPayPOS product.
FirstPayTotalPackage FirstPayTotalPackage.  FirstPay.Net™ Total Package product.
FirstPayVirtualPointOfSale FirstPayVirtualPointOfSale.  FirstPay.Net™ Virtual Point-of-Sale product.
FP_Web_Dev String.  Web Developer Name.
FP_Web_Dev_Phone String.  Web Developer Phone Number.
FP_Web_Dev_Email String.  Web Developer Email Address.
FP_Reader_Type String.  Card Reader Type.
FP_Total_Monthly_Fee Decimal.  Total Monthly Fee for FirstPay.Net™ 2.0 Internet Services.
Example Input Screen
Example Object
    "FP_FPPOS_Prod": true,
    "FP_FPPOS_Setup_Fee": 149.99,
    "FP_FPPOS_Mon_Fee": 39.99,
    "FP_FPPOS_Trans_Fee": .10,
    "FP_FPPOS_AddLoginQty": 1,
    "FP_FPPOS_AddLoginFee": 24.99
  "FP_Web_Dev": "Michele Holmes",
  "FP_Web_Dev_Phone": "817-555-1212",
  "FP_Web_Dev_Email": "",
    "FP_Loyalty_Accept": true,
    "FP_Loyalty_Prod": true