Optional.  This object represents the FirstFund product. It is part of the Application object.

Required Fields
Field Description
FF_Accept Boolean.  Does the Merchant want the FirstFund product?
Optional Fields
Field Description
FF_Market Enumeration.  The Market Type.
FF_Market_Seasonal Boolean.  Is the Market Seasonal?
FF_Market_B2B Boolean.  Is the Market Business to Business?
FF_Market_Service Boolean.  Is it a Service Market?
FF_Profile_CCD Integer.  Sales Profile Percentage: Signed Debit Authorization Form (CCD/PPD).
FF_Profile_TEL Integer.  Sales Profile Percentage: Voice Recorded Telephone Entry (TEL).
FF_Profile_WEB Integer.  Sales Profile Percentage: Internet Payment Gateway Checkout (WEB).
FF_Profile_Total Integer.  Sales Profile Total. Should equal one hundred percent (100%).
FF_ACH_Debit_Mon_Vol Integer.  ACH Debit (i.e., Billing, Collecting funds) Monthly Volume.
FF_ACH_Debit_Avg_Tkt Integer.  ACH Debit (i.e., Billing, Collecting funds) Average Ticket.
FF_ACH_Debit_High_Tkt Integer.  ACH Debit (i.e., Billing, Collecting funds) High Ticket.
FF_ACH_Credit_Mon_Vol Integer.  ACH Credit (i.e., Refunds, Trade Payments) Monthly Volume.
FF_ACH_Credit_Avg_Tkt Integer.  ACH Credit (i.e., Refunds, Trade Payments) Average Ticket.
FF_ACH_Credit_High_Tkt Integer.  ACH Credit (i.e., Refunds, Trade Payments) High Ticket.
FF_Qty_Mon_ACH_Trans Integer.  Quantity of Monthly ACH Transactions.
FF_Reason String.  Reason for payments (i.e., Refunds, Billing, Vendor Payments, etc.).
FF_Set_Up_Charge Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: One-Time Set-Up Charge.
FF_Per_Batch_File Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Per Batch File Fee.
FF_Per_ACH_Debit Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Per ACH Debit Transaction Originated.
FF_Per_ACH_Credit Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Per ACH Credit Transaction Originated.
FF_Statement_Fee Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Statement Fee.
FF_Mon_Min Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Monthly Minimum.
FF_Chargeback_Fee Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Chargeback Fee.
FF_NSF_Fee Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: NSF Fee.
FF_Per_ACH_Return Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Per ACH Return.
FF_Per_Change Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: Per Notification of Change.
FF_Discount_Rate_CCD Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: CCD (Corporate Credit or Debit) Discount Rate
FF_Discount_Rate_PPD Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: PPD (Prearranged Payment and Deposits) Discount Rate.
FF_Discount_Rate_TEL Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: TEL (Telephone-Initiated Entry) Discount Rate.
FF_Discount_Rate_WEB Decimal.  ACH Fee Schedule: WEB (Web-Initiated Entry) Discount Rate.
FF_Gateway_Trans_Fee Decimal.  FirstPay.Net 2.0 Internet Services: Gateway Transaction Fee.
FF_VT_Mon_Fee Decimal.  FirstPay.Net 2.0 Internet Services: Virtual Terminal/Payment Gateway Monthly Fee.
FF_CIM_Fee Decimal.  FirstPay.Net 2.0 Internet Services: Customer Information Manager Monthly Fee.
FF_Contact_Name String.  Contact Name.
FF_Contact_Title String.  Contact Title.
FF_Contact_Email String.  Contact Email.
FF_Contact_Phone String.  Contact Phone.
FF_Bank_Prod Boolean.  If a different settlement bank account for FirstFund ACH product is desired, check box, fill out bank info and attach separate voided check.
FF_Bank_Name String.  Bank Name.
FF_Bank_City String.  Bank City.
FF_Bank_State String.  Bank State.
FF_Bank_Account String.  Back Account Number.
FF_Bank_Routing String.  Bank Routing Number.
0 NotSet
1 eCommerce
2 Retail
3 Office
Example Input Screen
Example Object
  "FF_Accept": true,
  "FF_Market": 4,
  "FF_Market_Seasonal": false,
  "FF_Market_B2B": false,
  "FF_Market_Service": false,
  "FF_Profile_CCD": 100,
  "FF_Profile_TEL": 0,
  "FF_Profile_WEB": 0,
  "FF_Profile_Total": 0,
  "FF_ACH_Debit_Mon_Vol": 10000.00,
  "FF_ACH_Debit_High_Tkt": 250.00,
  "FF_ACH_Debit_High_Tkt": 3000.00,
  "FF_ACH_Credit_Mon_Vol": 200.00,
  "FF_ACH_Credit_Avg_Tkt": 100.00,
  "FF_ACH_Credit_High_Tkt": 200.00,
  "FF_Qty_Mon_ACH_Trans": 40,
  "FF_Reason": null,
  "FF_Set_Up_Charge": 0.00,
  "FF_Per_Patch_File": 0.00,
  "FF_Per_ACH_Debit": 0.00,
  "FF_Per_ACH_Credit": 0.00,
  "FF_Statement_Fee": 0.40,
  "FF_Mon_Min": 0.00,
  "FF_Chargeback_Fee": 25.00,
  "FF_NSF_Fee": 25.00,
  "FF_Per_ACH_Return": 3.50,
  "FF_Per_Change": 2.50,
  "FF_Discount_Rate_CCD": null,
  "FF_Discount_Rate_PPD": null,
  "FF_Discount_Rate_TEL": null,
  "FF_Discount_Rate_WEB": null,
  "FF_Gateway_Trans_Fee": null,
  "FF_VT_Mon_Fee": 0.00,
  "FF_CIM_Fee": null,
  "FF_Contact_Name": null,
  "FF_Contact_Title" null,
  "FF_Contact_Email": null,
  "FF_Contact_Phone": null,
  "FF_Bank_Prod": false,
  "FF_Bank_Name": null,
  "FF_Bank_City": null,
  "FF_Bank_State": null,
  "FF_Bank_Account": null,
  "FF_Bank_Routing": null