Optional.  This object represents American Express® Card processing. It is an optional part of the Application object.

Business Rule: If Merchant does not have a previous American Express® account, must choose either Discount Rate or Monthly Flat Fee.

Required Fields
Field Description
Amex_Accept Boolean.  Does the Merchant want to process American Express® cards?
Optional Fields
Field Description
Amex_Prev_Acct Boolean.  Does the Merchant have a previous American Express® Merchant Account Number?
Amex_Exst_Acct String.  Merchant's existing American Express® Merchant Account Number.
Required if Amex_Prev_Acct is True.
Amex_Disc_Rate_Prod Boolean.  Select Discount Rate.
Amex_Disc_Rate Decimal.  The Discount Rate.
Required if Amex_Disc_Rate_Prod is True.
Amex_Flat_Fee_Prod Boolean.  Select Monthly Flat Fee.
Amex_Flat_Fee Decimal.  The Monthly Flat Fee.
Required if Amex_Flat_Fee_Prod is True.
Amex_Retail_Prod Boolean.  Select Retail.
Amex_Retail_Trans_Fee Decimal.  Retail Transaction Fee.
Required if Amex_Retail_Prod is True.
Amex_Retail_CNP_Dwngrd Decimal.  Retail CNP Downgrade.
Required if Amex_Retail_Prod is True.
Amex_Quick_Prod Boolean.  Select Quick Service, Restaurant & Bar.
Amex_Quick_Trans_Fee Decimal.  Quick Service, Restaurant & Bar Transaction Fee.
Required if Amex_Quick_Prod is True.
Amex_Services_Prod Boolean.  Select Services, Wholesale & All Other.
Amex_Services_Trans_Fee Decimal.  Services, Wholesale & All Other Transaction Fee.
Required if Amex_Services_Prod is True.
Amex_Gross Enumeration.  Gross Pay.
Amex_Est_Vol Decimal.  Estimated Annual American Express® Charge Volume.
Amex_Avg_Tkt Decimal.  Estimated Average Ticket.
Amex_Pay_Freq Enumeration.  Pay Frequency.
0 NotSet
1 Daily (Default)
2 Monthly
0 NotSet
1 ThreeDays (Default)
2 FifteenDays
3 ThirtyDays
Example Input Screen
Example Object
"AmericanExpress": {
  "Amex_Accept": true,
  "Amex_Prev_Acct": false,
  "Amex_Exst_Acct": null,
  "Amex_Disc_Rate_Prod": true,
  "Amex_Disc_Rate": 3.25,
  "Amex_Flat_Fee_Prod": true,
  "Amex_Flat_Fee": 3.25,
  "Amex_Retail_Prod": false,
  "Amex_Retail_Trans_Fee": null,
  "Amex_Retail_CNP_Downgrade": null,
  "Amex_Quick_Prod": false,
  "Amex_Quick_Trans_Fee": null,
  "Amex_Services_Prod": false,
  "Amex_Services_Trans_Fee": null,
  "Amex_Gross": 2,
  "Amex_Est_Vol": null,
  "Amex_Avg_Tkt": null,
  "Amex_Pay_Freq": 0