FirstOnBoard API Developer Documentation

The FirstOnBoard API was written to allow a developer to create a full-featured website for submitting applications to FirstOnBoard, including adding Additional Products and Services, selecting pricing, and selecting equipment.

However, a developer can also use the API to submit a minimum set of required fields to create a FirstOnBoard application.

The main object to POST to the API is the Application object. It consists of many child objects—some of them are required and many are optional. The optional child objects mainly represent the "Additional Products and Services" portion of the paper application.

Many of the required fields will need to be captured from the Merchant; however, some fields can be hard-coded in the client program. For example, all of the fields related to the Equipment Setup Form do not have to be shown to the Merchant if the equipment will be the same for all users of the client program. The same is true for Pricing.